John Gibbons: Doomsday comet satire strikes home on our real-life disaster disconnect

As a new Hollywood film mocks our lack of urgency about the climate emergency, news that the ice shelf that holds back the giant Thwaites glacier in Antarctica is about to collapse is largely ignored by the media despite the global threat it poses

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio star in director Adam McKay’s scathing climate-change satire Don’t Look Up

How do you stay focused on a story that is simultaneously terrifying yet, frankly, boring? This dilemma has plagued and largely defeated scientists and science communicators trying to convey the gravity of the climate emergency.

Yes, over a number of years or maybe decades, truly catastrophic changes in the conditions for life on Earth will likely unfold, but they will do so fitfully and unevenly, with some areas devastated while others seem to suffer much ...