Nuclear Power

John Gibbons: Clean, safe, always on – why nuclear power demands a rethink

Nuclear power has long been wrongly conflated with nuclear annihilation and the Cold War but in fact nuclear plants have caused fewer than 50 fatalities ever

Cruas nuclear power plant in Ardèche in France: you won’t have heard of it, as French nuclear power is well run and remarkably uncontroversial. Picture: Getty

We humans are notoriously poor judges of risk. It’s a design quirk in an ancient brain system that served our ancestors well on the Serengeti, but is woefully inadequate to deal with the deluge of complex and often contradictory danger signs and signals we face in the modern world.

Most of us instinctively fear flying, yet statistically it is far safer than driving. In the 12 months following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, an ...