How WhatsApp has ticked the boxes for Zuckerberg

The Facebook tycoon snapped up the messaging app in 2014 for $16bn, it’s now worth $50bn. And although the ubiquitous WhatsApp group and memes can be annoying, the app has allowed us communicate in ways that would astound our parents

Mark Zuckerberg could easily have built his own app, but he saw that WhatsApp had stolen a march on the competition

When Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy WhatsApp in 2014, everyone was stunned by the price. Fresh from his success with Facebook, Zuckerberg splashed out an eye-watering $16 billion for the instant messaging app.

It turned out to be an astute move, as the service now has over two billion users. It has captured the imagination, and more importantly the mobile phones, of nearly one in four of the world’s population.

Zuckerberg could easily have built ...