Elaine Byrne: We owe it to Martin O’Hagan to seek the uncomfortable truth of his murder

The brutal killing of the investigative journalist in 2001 was a blatant act of intimidation and an attack on democracy, but two decades on, official Ireland remains indifferent

‘Martin O’Hagan was a fearless investigative journalist whose love affair with journalism was motivated by a desire to shine a light on the dark corners of organised crime.’ Picture: IFJ

Martin O’Hagan was shot twice in the back as he walked home from his local pub with his wife Marie, 20 years ago this week. The 51-year-old Sunday World journalist was holding Marie’s hand when a car started to slow beside them. ‘‘Martin shoved me into the hedge and used his own body to try to shield me,” she later said.

The reporter was just five doors from his home on the Tandragee Road in ...