Elaine Byrne: Varadkar is like Goldilocks who finds reform of the Seanad too big or too little

There will never, ever be any solution to the issue of changes of the Upper House that will be deemed to be just right for the Taoiseach

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar: against a ‘minimalist reform’ whereby the Seanad franchise would be extended to graduates of all third-level institutions, but the ‘comprehensive’ reform he prefers is currently impossible

The Taoiseach speechifying on Seanad reform is always a marvellous sight to behold. He was at it again on Thursday. Leo Varadkar is sure-footed on many policy issues, but when it comes to the Seanad, his narrative belongs to the lore of fairytales and children’s bedtime stories.

My children love the story of Goldilocks who wanders into the Three Bears' house and eats their porridge, sits on their chairs, and lies down on their beds. ...