Elaine Byrne: A historic taoiseach swap is coming, so what job might the new tánaiste want?

Traditionally the tánaiste becomes minister for foreign affairs but Micheál Martin might have his eye on finance to push through Fianna Fáil’s ‘big government’ model

Shuffle and reshuffle: In December Taoiseach Micheál Martin will be back in the position of tánaiste and will have to decide what portfolio to take up. Picture: Collins

There are 17 Dáil weeks left before Leo Varadkar is due to take over from Micheál Martin as Taoiseach. What will the new cabinet look like when the changeover occurs on December 15, 2022?

The nature of these things tends to focus on who is on the way out and who is on the way in, whose star is rising and whose is falling. There is nothing like the sniff of a promotion or demotion ...