Editorial: Corporate tax move is significant, but other issues will affect our competitiveness

The government will have to deal with many challenges, including the housing crisis and energy shortages, if it is to to remain attractive for foreign investment

Pashcal Donohoe waited until the last minute to give the deal his backing. The Finance Minister and his department officials deserve credit for how they have navigated the choppy geopolitical waters over the past year. Picture: Getty

The significance of Paschal Donohoe’s announcement on Thursday that Ireland would sign up to the OECD’s tax reform deal was perhaps best illustrated when RTÉ Radio 1 delayed its 6pm news bulletin to play the Minister for Finance’s speech over the airwaves to the nation.

Make no mistake about it, last week’s decision to sign up to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 per cent and move away from our long-enshrined 12.5 per ...