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Editorial: As war resumes, Israel should stop also fighting with its allies

A shockingly high number of civilian deaths in Gaza puts Israel’s siege on Hamas on shaky moral ground as it is – the last thing Israel should be doing now is turning on its friends

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog: There are an estimated 30,000 Hamas members and a huge military capacity in Gaza, much of it below ground. Picture: Getty Images

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has resumed after a week-long pause during which 110 Israelis kidnapped on October 7 were freed by Hamas, and Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners it had detained.

Those freed on both sides included many children, including nine-year-old Israeli-Irish girl Emily Hand, who is now back with her family in Israel.

Israel’s assault on Gaza was triggered by the attack on October 7 in which at least 1,200 Israeli civilians were murdered.