Northern Ireland

Deirdre Heenan: If he gives in to the Brexit zealots, Sunak will be prime minister in name only

It is crunch time for Rishi Sunak, who cannot sit on the fence when it comes to the Northern Ireland protocol for much longer

Rishi Sunak: it would be disastrous for the British prime minister to indefinitely appease a rump of fanatical MPs whose influence has diminished considerably

Northern Ireland continues to be Brexit’s Gordian Knot, a seemingly intractable conundrum that Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, must now solve. It has exposed the stupidity, deceit, dishonesty and fantasy at the heart of the entire Brexit project.

For what it’s worth, many – including John Major, the former British prime minister – warned that the proposed exit from the EU would upset the delicate constitutional arrangements in the North. The vandals ploughed on ...