Northern Ireland

Deirdre Heenan: DUP should be careful what it wishes for on the protocol

Jeffrey Donaldson’s party regards the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill as a vindication of its hardline stance, but in reality it is merely yet another Tory negotiating tactic

Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP leader: rails against the Northern Ireland protocol, ignoring the fact that it was ratified by the British parliament and that there is a pro-protocol majority in Stormont. Picture: Kelvin Boyes/Press Eye

The latest chapter in the hellish protocol saga unfolded last week when the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons. The contortions, revisionism and mental gymnastics on display were a marvel to behold.

Liz Truss, the British Foreign Secretary, introduced the bill without a hint of acknowledgement that Britain willingly agreed to the protocol it in the first place, let alone that just two years ago they trumpeted it ...