Deirdre Heenan: Donaldson and the DUP persist in digging their own political grave

The party is painting the upcoming election as ‘a battle for Northern Ireland’, but its own strategy suggests a deep-seated desire for self-destruction

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson: has been accused of whipping up hysteria over the prospect of a united Ireland to scare people into voting for his beleaguered party. Picture: Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

Elections in Northern Ireland are usually high-octane affairs, typically billed as ground-breaking, or momentous. The ocean of cynicism that surrounds the North’s political system means that large swathes of the electorate are reluctant to buy into these dramatics. Isn’t this just another routine poll in a small, hapless, devolved power-sharing legislature? Hardly earth-shattering. We go through this pantomime every time we cast our vote.

You do not have to be very old to remember the ...