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Daniel Murray: Being anti-green and populist are central to new rural party’s identity

It’s nearly 60 years since Clann na Talmhan was dissolved but there could be up to three new rural blocs contesting the next general election

Dutch farmers holding banners and flags protest against government policies to limit nitrogen emissions in The Hague, Netherlands in March this year

It is nearly 60 years since the last farmers party was active in Ireland.

Clann na Talmhan made its mark during its 25-year existence, serving in the first two inter-party government’s in 1948 and again in 1954, before being dissolved in 1965.

Clann na Talmhan’s assent to government was the culmination of a mid-20th century revival in populist Irish agrarian politics. In 2023, it looks like a similar revival could be getting underway.

The announcement ...