Dan O’Brien: What if we asked multinationals to add to the national housing stock?

The multinational sector, which is high-wage and high-value added, is another source of accommodation demand so asking multinationals who seek permits to add to the housing stock is not an unreasonable request

Dublin’s docklands: in 2021 the capital’s rents were among the highest in Europe, with the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom flat just under €2,000

There is not much good news on inflation these days, but there was some last week: house price inflation has slowed to a near halt. In April, it rose by just one tenth of a percentage point over the previous month. There has been a continuous deceleration in month-to-month house price inflation since August of last year, in stark contrast to consumer price inflation, which has been accelerating over the same period.

The stabilisation of ...