Dan O’Brien: We must support Ukraine for as long as it takes and not let Putin away with his tyranny

Russia’s tactics in pursuit of its imperial objectives show Putin’s ruthlessness, yet despite growing support here for joining Nato, no senior politician appears willing to lead the country towards the European mainstream on security

A woman mourns during a ceremony for the fallen soldiers of Ukraine at the Lychakiv Cemetery marking six months since the start of Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Picture: Getty

Last week marked six months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The return of large-scale war is the most significant geopolitical event in Europe since the iron curtain came down more than three decades ago. There have already been multiple consequences, and there will be more as the conflict continues.

Ukraine is one of Europe’s largest countries by geography and population. Its invasion by its nuclear-armed neighbour, whose objective is to erase both Ukrainian statehood and nationhood, ...