Dan O’Brien: Sinn Féin should heed the cautionary tale of Britain’s budgetary blunders

The policy-induced implosion of the British economy could easily be mirrored here if the next government was to play the populist card at the expense of fiscal responsibility

Mary Lou McDonald, SF leader: the party will need to set out its budgetary plans in great detail well in advance of the next election. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Is Mary Lou McDonald this weekend pondering the fate of Liz Truss as she eyes the office of Taoiseach? Is Pearse Doherty weighing up the risks that he might become Ireland’s Kwasi Kwarteng?

They would both do well to consider these questions, as should all holders of, and aspirants to, high political office these days. What has been going on in Britain shows that managing economies for the foreseeable future will be akin to moving ...