Colin Murphy: Time for the government to take the DPC seriously and prevent a ‘Wild West’ of data protection

The Data Protection Commission is now the primary data protection authority for half a billion European social media users. It needs extra resources, and quickly

Florin Vitan and Alessia Lanza, TikTok influencers: TikTok is currently the subject of enforcement by the Italian data protection authority following the death of a ten-year-old girl in Palermo who had apparently been participating in a “blackout challenge” circulating on the app

Before the banking crash, international banking and shadow-banking firms clustered in Dublin, in part because regulation was “light-touch”. By 2005, the New York Times wrote that Ireland had become known “as something of the Wild West of European finance.”

By September 2008, with the collapse of Depfa, the Dublin-based German lender, Ireland was ground zero for the European banking crisis. The damage to the country’s reputation was significant.

Now, with social media firms following the ...