Anton Savage: Schofield’s career cremated, mourned and interred ... his phone will never ring again

The besieged celebrity displayed astonishing naïvety and if possible made his situation even worse when he gave a serious of ill-advised interviews to address the controversy surrounding his relationship with a young man

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were ITV’s golden couple; how could she not have known about his relationship?

For a man immersed in media, Phillip Schofield seems to have learned little of its grammar. His choice to give interviews late this week and the manner in which he gave them would be excusable for a neophyte, a naïf, an innocent dropped helplessly into the maw of the beast.

For a television veteran, it was an astonishing display of poor judgment.

Anyone familiar with a media cycle should know the basic principle that nothing ...