New Yorkers look for competence over charisma in city’s tough mayoral race

As New Yorkers prepare to go to the polls to elect their next mayor, America’s second most prestigious political position, the early favourite, Andrew Yang, is losing ground to three other Democrat contenders, two of whom could become the city’s first female leader

Maya Wiley, a former federal prosecutor turned civil rights activist, is regarded as the most progressive of the candidates for New York mayor. PIcture: Getty

The race to become New York’s next mayor has had more ups and downs than a game of snakes and ladders, as candidates are felled by pratfalls and pitfalls as they navigate the Big Apple’s treacherous political terrain.

For months, Andrew Yang, the tech billionaire and former Democratic presidential contender, led the field. He parlayed his national name recognition from last year’s residential primaries, and a slimmed-down version of his universal basic income, to leapfrog ...