Unsettled: Finding joy in the lore and rituals of an oppressed community

Books Andrea Cleary 4 weeks ago

In Kiltumper: A celebration of a serene haven under constant threat

Books Dermot Bolger 4 weeks ago

A City Imagined: Loose ends undermine a quirky and unconventional Belfast story

Books Andrew Lynch 1 month ago

Chaise Longue: Thoughtful memoir proves Dury is more than just a chip off the old blockhead

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The life of O’Reilly: an Irish memoir with a difference

Books Niamh Donnelly 1 month ago

My Mess Is a Bit of a Life: Laughter and heartbreak combine in screenwriter’s uplifting memoir

Books Brendan Daly 1 month ago

Andrew Lynch: A revealing account from behind the scenes of the Anglo-Irish Agreement

Books Andrew Lynch 1 month ago

Scenes from a marriage: Alzheimer’s memoir is a study in love and resilience

Life & Arts Miriam Brady 2 months ago

Consumed: A Sister’s Story: An unflinching portrayal of sibling rivalry and regret

Books Brendan Daly 2 months ago

The Troubles with Us: A warm and funny memoir captures Belfast and its many eccentricities

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Where Grieving Begins: Brighton Bomber’s memoir shows understanding and insight, but no regrets

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Liberty Hall: Building a perfect postmodern beast in 1960s Dublin

Books Dermot Bolger 3 months ago

Real Estate: Levy’s story of the self is playful, defiant and courageous

Books Niamh Donnelly 4 months ago

The best books for summer

Books Nadine O’Regan 4 months ago

The Ministry of Bodies: Looking back in anger at medical misbehaviour

Books Brendan Daly 5 months ago

Book extract: What Matters Now

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Boy 11963: How one child climbed out the other side of a brutal system

Books John Walshe 5 months ago

Stardust Baby: A young life scarred by tragedy

Books Andrew Lynch 6 months ago

Above Water: Surviving the onslaught of a serial sexual predator

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Let Love Rule: Showbiz memoir follows a well-worn path

Books Nadine O’Regan 7 months ago