How I Work

How I manage: ‘Ensure that your team members are not afraid to take a different point of view’

How I Work: Paudi Reidy

How I work: ‘It is important that you get input from everyone, not only the loudest person in a room’

This Working Life: 'I think it is important to ask yourself, would you like to work with you?'

How I work: ‘When making decisions, focus on what could go right, not just what could go wrong’

How I work: ‘It’s easy to point out the problems, but the key to success is to find solutions’

How I manage: ‘I try to take people on the journey with me and involve them in decision-making’

How I work: ‘People want to do something they are good at and they want to feel valued’

How I work: ‘Not everyone needs to be a challenger or a disruptor to be effective’

How I manage: ‘You can achieve true trust and buy-in only when everyone feels that they belong’

How I work: ‘You can apply your learnings to fields you may not have even known existed’

How I manage: ‘Respect the job, respect your limitations, and respect those around you’

How I work: ‘If you want to see certain attitudes and behaviours in the workplace, then you need to be a role model’

How I work: ‘If communication is absent, speculation and noise will fill the vacuum’

How I work: ‘Take risks and back yourself, you don’t have to tick every box to put your hand up’

How I work: ‘Remember, you can do a good job without being hard on yourself’

How I work: ‘Stay curious – that, more than anything, will cultivate creativity and innovation’

How I work: ‘You have to be willing to take a risk, it’s not for the faint-hearted’

How I manage: ‘If you get the basics right, everything else tends to fall into place’

How I work: ‘You can change the hand you’re dealt and take control of your career’