Ballymacandy: Fascinating history of a Kerry ambush and what went unspoken

Books Andrew Lynch 3 hours ago

Four Killings: Territorial disputes and bloodshed on the rocky road to a new Ireland

Books Andrew Lynch 2 weeks ago

The Partition: Still no meeting of minds 100 years on from the foundation of Northern Ireland

Books Andrew Lynch 1 month ago

The best books for summer

Books Nadine O’Regan 1 month ago

The Barbizon: The Manhattan hotel that allowed women to follow their dreams

Books Anna Carey 1 month ago

The Handshake: A history of the greeting that transcends cultures and ages

Books Andrew Lynch 1 month ago

Agents of Influence: The shadowy figures who fed IRA information to Britain’s deep state

Books Andrew Lynch 2 months ago

Unintended Consequences: The story of Irish immigration to the US

Books Andrew Lynch 2 months ago

From Whence I Came: Eclectic essay collection casts a cold eye over the Kennedy years

Books Andrew Lynch 2 months ago

Who Was Responsible for the Troubles?: A critical analysis of the IRA’s leading role in the conflict

Books Pat Rabbitte 3 months ago

America in Retreat: How the US let China get ahead in the race for world domination

Books Brendan Daly 3 months ago

Collins’s slippers to feature on new range of gift items

Retail Barry J Whyte 3 months ago

Words to Shape My Name: A swashbuckling adventure story that tells a few political truths

Books John Walshe 4 months ago

Parnell and His Times: Sprawling anthology makes no effort to pin down its subject

Books Andrew Lynch 4 months ago

The Species that Changed Itself: Wide-ranging history of human evolution brings us right up to the here and now

Books Andrew Lynch 4 months ago

Anatomy of a Killing: The story of one RUC man’s murder gives a fuller picture of the Troubles

Books John Walshe 5 months ago