The Rules of Revelation: A vividly drawn portrayal of contemporary society

Books Leagues O'Toole 1 week ago

The Beauty of Impossible Things: Mysterious events cast a long shadow over a lonely teenager’s summer

Books Andrea Cleary 1 week ago

The best books for summer

Books Nadine O’Regan 1 week ago

Lean Fall Stand: A pulsating thriller mixes several styles to gripping effect

Books John Walshe 2 weeks ago

Boys Don’t Cry: An assured fiction debut told with skill and empathy

Books Leagues O'Toole 3 weeks ago

Nora Barnacle’s lust for life shines through in O’Connor’s story of love and literature

Books John Walshe 1 month ago

White City: A middle-class anti-hero gets his comeuppance served cold

Books John Walshe 1 month ago

Milk Fed: Food for thought on the erotic possibilities of frozen yogurt

Books Tanya Sweeney 1 month ago

First Person Singular: Murakami still a master at keeping readers on their toes

Books John Walshe 1 month ago

A Bright Ray of Darkness: Ethan Hawke’s searing love letter to Broadway

Books Leagues O'Toole 1 month ago

Who They Was: Breakneck crime story is a bracing slice of London life

Books Andrea Cleary 1 month ago

Bright Burning Things: Capturing the raw essence of addiction in a compelling story

Books Andrea Cleary 2 months ago

Megan Nolan interview: A relationship with writing

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We Are Not in the World: Fleeting lives caught in passing

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Leave the World Behind: An ending that fails to justify the means

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Neil Jordan interview: Perspectives on fortune and freedom

Books Niamh Donnelly 2 months ago

Life Sentences: O’Callaghan’s powerful prose captures the ebb and flow of a family’s fortunes

Books John Walshe 2 months ago

Walk the line: Colum McCann on the beauty of our own limitations

Books Colum McCann 3 months ago

Ten Days: A story set within the fog of the cruellest disease

Books Andrea Cleary 3 months ago

Danielle McLaughlin interview: Slow and steady wins the race

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