ESRI predicts health spending will rise due to growing and ageing population

Irish economy to record double-digit growth in 2021 amid exports surge, ESRI predicts

Economics Eva Short 1 month ago

State’s Covid restrictions were more lax than public wanted, ESRI says

Study links Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy with lack of knowledge of the jab

Coronavirus Eva Short 1 month ago

Children from poorer families at a disadvantage in education and health, research shows

ESRI moots extending PRSI to pensioners

State could secure extra funds of up to €7 billion for social housing, ESRI says

Housing Killian Woods 2 months ago

Young workers six times more likely to be on temporary contracts, study finds

Economics Eva Short 2 months ago

Four in ten Irish children have experienced poverty

Politics Eva Short 2 months ago

Editorial: We need to have an honest conversation about tax

‘Clear need’ for future tax increases to support government spending, Esri says

Economics Eva Short 2 months ago

Aidan Regan: Welfare state must be reformed to look after younger working families

Economics Aidan Regan 2 months ago

Income inequality at lowest recorded level but lone parent families left behind, Esri says

Economics Eva Short 2 months ago

Young people worst hit by Covid-19 related unemployment

Minimum-wage workers in Ireland among worst hit in Europe by Covid-19, ESRI finds

Employment Eva Short 3 months ago

Opposition to state’s €75m shared equity scheme grows

Housing Killian Woods 5 months ago

Future tense: the nation’s small businesses fear what comes next

Coronavirus Killian Woods 5 months ago

Shared equity housing scheme could fuel construction in ‘wrong areas’, says ESRI

Housing Killian Woods 5 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Has Europe learned its lesson from the last crash?

Economics Pat Rabbitte 5 months ago

Interactive maps point the way to new broadband networks