Varadkar wanted to ‘move with speed’ on delayed EU-Canada trade deal

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Green TD to explain challenge to Ceta as party anger mounts

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Comment: Domestic law makers far better placed than CETA’s investment courts to judge policy choices

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Canada claims Ceta respects government’s rights to regulate in the interests of its citizens

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Comment: Why investment agreements like Ceta are worth pursuing for the EU

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Key figures could leave Greens over Ceta deal

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Comment: Ceta is an EU success story and the hostility to it is misguided

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The trade row that just won’t go away

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Comment: CETA offers us the hand-rolled cigarette of international investment law

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Lucinda Creighton: Left and right not so different after all over Canada trade deal

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Greens fail to reach accord over party leaders’ CETA change of mind