Whereabouts: A near-plotless story leaves an unforgettable aftertaste

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Snowflake: Millennial life in all its mystery, mysticism and wonder

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Ballymacandy: Fascinating history of a Kerry ambush and what went unspoken

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Walk the line with Laurie Woolever

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Gillian Tett: Revolutionising business models by studying human behaviour

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Sinéad O’Connor: a woman of substance

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Euro Summits: Plenty of pace in an entertaining Euros retrospective

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William Blake vs the World: Peeling back the layers of the man who reimagined England

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Four Killings: Territorial disputes and bloodshed on the rocky road to a new Ireland

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Radio review: Duffy delves into a Tale as old as time

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Where Grieving Begins: Brighton Bomber’s memoir shows understanding and insight, but no regrets

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