‘Connecting and communicating with people is really important’

Sally Anne Sherry of Bartra Capital Property has found that her experience as a mother of four has helped her to adapt her work style to suit the different needs and personalities of her staff

Sally Anne Sherry, general counsel for Bartra Capital Property: ‘Working in Dublin when you’re from Donegal is a bit like being Irish in America – there are connections everywhere.’ Photo: Fergal Phillips

Sally Anne Sherry is general counsel at Bartra Capital Property. Originally from Gartan in Co Donegal, the 39-year-old studied law at NUI Galway and worked as a solicitor at Matheson and legal counsel at Treasury Holdings before running her own private practice for three years. She joined Bartra in 2015 in her current role. The property developer employs 40 people at its Dublin headquarters and four overseas offices in Asia and the Middle East.

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