The DUP risks becoming a bystander as the UK faces into an uncertain future

The DUP’s convulsions have less to do with outrage over language than with Brexit which it recklessly backed. The party may have to face the fact that its dominant role within unionism is coming to an end

Sinn Féin’s cynicism on the Irish language issue is breathtaking, but it did not require a political genius to outwit the awkward, insular Poots

For the second time in a month, the DUP is leaderless and pointless.

Edwin Poots, who became leader three weeks ago after he instigated the ousting of Arlene Foster, was himself ousted on Thursday. The DUP will choose another figure – the smart money is on Jeffrey Donaldson, an MP at Westminster – to take the helm of a party riven by factionalism, narcissism and the prospect of irrelevance.

The apparent reason for Poots’s removal ...