This Much I Know: ‘I don’t mind if people see me as a woman entrepreneur rather than just an entrepreneur’

Derya Sousa is co-founder and chief executive of Kianda Technologies, a Dublin-based low code/no-code business process automation and application delivery platform

Derya Sousa, co-founder and chief executive of Kianda Technologies: ‘I’m not afraid of risk. It is something that is important to relish as an entrepreneur.’ Picture: Andres Poveda Photography

One of the best pieces of advice I received early on was not to hire a salesperson but to do it yourself initially. I’m not a natural-born salesperson but I learned how to deal with the rejection that comes with the role. I’ll never forget an early prospect turning me down three times. I got them on the fourth attempt though!

Dublin is home both for me and my business. I came to Dublin when ...