The Gadget Guru: Oneonic MXS-HD1, Michael Kors MKGO Gen5E Smartwatch, Eilik

Superb new earbuds, a gym-friendly smartwatch and an electronic pal for home offices are reviewed this week

Onesonic MXS-HD1: top-quality audio at tremendous value for money

Onesonic delivers again with quality earbuds at a very appealing price

Onesonic MXS-HD1

Price: €119.99 (Black Friday special from

Rating: *****

The busy folks at Onesonic make a third appearance on these pages in recent months with yet another product that delivers top-quality audio at tremendous value. The Dublin-based business has delivered a gem with these active noise-cancelling earbuds.

The MXS-HD1s have plenty to like about them. The price, currently down €10 from the ...