Outsourcing comes to the rescue for Irish firms

Managed services can handle pretty much all your organisation’s tech needs, which can take a load off your mind. Róisín Kiberd takes a look

Karen O’Connor, general manager at Datapac: ‘At a mid-market level, for organisations with 15 to 200 users, we’re seeing a big trend in co-management’

IT outsourcing is booming: a study from 2020, published by Statista, placed the value of the global market in managed services at $400 billion (€382 billion), while another study projected growth to $818.84 billion by 2025.

Organisations are operating with gaps in their teams, and are increasingly obliged to manage services and functions far beyond their abilities. Similarly, with cybersecurity, the average organisation is now facing highly sophisticated, uninterrupted threats – very few SMEs will ...