Artificial Intelligence

Irish-founded voice tech company snapped up by Spotify

Sonantic, founded by John Flynn and Zeena Qureshi, developed a synthetic replacement voice for actor Val Kilmer after he had throat cancer

Sonantic's co-founders Zeena Qureshi and John Flynn: ‘This new chapter will open a world of possibilities for the groundbreaking technology we’ve created’

An Irish co-founded company, best known for developing a synthetic replacement voice for Top Gun actor Val Kilmer after he developed throat cancer, has been acquired by Spotify.

Founded by Irishman John Flynn and Zeena Qureshi in 2018, London-based Sonantic has built an artificial intelligence-powered platform that can create compelling, nuanced and realistic voices from text. The technology essentially allows users working in the entertainment sector to do for audio what computer-generated imagery (CGI) did ...