Gadget Guru: Samsung Galaxy S22+, KitchenAid 5KFC0516 and Groomatic

This week, the Gadget Guru is impressed but not overwhelmed by Samsung’s new S22+ phone, and contemplates a countertop chopper and a cat brush

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is an impressive device but not enough of an improvement on last year’s model to really stand out

Samsung’s mid-range S22 phone is, well, rather middling

Samsung Galaxy S22+

Price: €1,089


Considering the strength of the S series in recent years, particularly with the top-level Ultra class, it was going to take a lot for the S22+ to stand out. The middle child in the S22 range is, once again, rather good, but fails to find the Goldilocks point.

This is an impressive device. Aesthetically, there is a lot to like. The ...