Gadget Guru: Onesonic BB-HD1 (Gen 2), Essentials Wine Cooler and iSwift Roboarm

This week the Guru reviews premium headphones at a budget price, a spacious wine cooler and a hands-free device holder

Onesonic’s second generation BB-HD1 headphones: a far better product than the bargain price tag might make you think

The best headphones at a bargain price just got better

Onesonic BB-HD1 (Gen 2)

Price: €99.99


Dublin-based Onesonic has delivered another gem at a bargain price with the second generation of its BB-HD1 headphones.

The most noticeable aesthetic changes are the switch to a matte finish on the core device and from smooth black to a threaded grey on the carry case. The latter is surprisingly impressive. There was nothing wrong with the old ...