Dr Kellie Adamson: ‘We have the background and the education behind us: we spent a lot of time making sure the device works’

A high-profile US scandal has made fundraising in the blood testing tech sector more difficult, but it hasn’t stopped Dublin firm Septec from raising €8.8 million

Dr Kellie Adamson, co-founder of Septec, has developed a rapid test for bloodstream infection

Dr Kellie Adamson, the co-founder of the Dublin blood testing start-up Septec, has never met Elizabeth Holmes, but the American has still caused her plenty of headaches.

Holmes is facing fraud charges in the US connected with her role at Theranos, another blood testing start-up, after it was proven that the technology it was developing did not work. The scandal has been the subject of a best-selling book by John Carreyou, a popular podcast series ...