Analysis: Meta’s ‘innocent bystander’ act in data transfer dogfight is disingenuous following record fine

Given Meta has pumped $10 billion a year on the metaverse, for no real return, it is unlikely to break into a sweat over the DPC’s €1.2bn fine

The DPC’s ruling only concerns Facebook and does not impact on other Meta services, such as Instagram. Picture: Anadolu Agency

When industry insiders told the Business Post a few weeks ago that Facebook-owner Meta was facing a ‘colossal’ fine from the Data Protection Commission (DPC), they weren’t exaggerating.

The €1.2 billion penalty levied by the DPC easily eclipses the previous record €746 million fine levied by EU regulators on Amazon in 2021. It also outweighs all the fines Facebook parent Meta has received since the introduction of GDPR five years ago this week.

The fine ...