Charli d’Amelio: TikTok’s Dancing Queen

Having achieved superstar status on the social media giant, Charli d’Amelio is now the subject of a behind-the-scenes documentary on Disney+. But is she happy with that level of fame?

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio: ‘I don’t consider myself famous. I’m just a person a lot of people follow for some reason. I think it was right place, right time. And I think it was a vibe I give off’

If you can work out why Charli D’Amelio is famous, you should probably tell her, because she has no clue.

“I was just posting on social media and I don’t know,” is Charli’s answer to how she built up a following of more than 100 million people on TikTok, making the 17-year-old from Connecticut the most followed person on the social media app.

There are many apps like TikTok on which people can post videos ...