Thursday July 16, 2020

Making It Work: Evercam opens €3m funding round ahead of overseas expansion plans

Supplier of time-lapse and project-management cameras to the construction industry looks to US and Australian markets

21st June, 2020
Vinnie Quinn of Evercam; ‘Being able to see things remotely matters even more when companies have projects across the country and internationally.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips.

Evercam, the Dublin supplier of time-lapse and project-management cameras to the construction sector, has opened a €3 million Series A funding round ahead of plans to expand in the US and Australia.

Vinnie Quinn, its co-founder, said the company had already begun to sell through channel partners in both markets. It expanded into Britain 18 months ago and has an office in London.

“In Ireland, we have our own team installing the cameras for us, but in Britain we use a channel partner model where we work with existing camera suppliers to the construction industry,” Quinn said.

“That allows us to get onto projects quickly up and down the country. We’re doing the same in Australia and the US.”

Evercam sells a cloud software platform that provides a visual audit trail for construction projects. The company’s clients include Hines, Bam, Berkeley Group and Stewart Construction.

“We have about 70 customers and 350 time-lapse cameras live on the system that would be used by about 3,500 people,” he said.

“If we’re working with the main contractor or developer on a project, there might also be ten more companies using the cameras – architects, engineers and subcontractors.

“The footage captured can be shared with all of the stakeholders from the engineers and quantity surveyors through to the construction managers and the client.”

Quinn established Evercam in 2013 with co-founder Marco Herbst. The pair sold, their previous company, to Saongroup in 2005.

“There’s something very honest about the construction industry in that something is either done or it’s not done. A building is either finished or it isn’t. It’s on time or it’s not,” Quinn said.

“Going from the world of selling a product that’s purely online to suddenly having physical cameras and hardware and networks to manage does have its challenges, but we’ve found the construction industry to be surprisingly innovative.

“People are prepared to try new things and, if it works, they will roll it out and show it to their contacts.”

Quinn said Evercam had fared relatively well during the lockdown and the resulting downtime on sites around the country.

“We’ve been very fortunate in that our product can help people to manage construction projects remotely,” he said.

“When we were starting out, we were telling people that Evercam would save them time on site visits, but we were told ‘don‘t use that as a sales pitch, because people like their site visits’.

“That has come full circle now because people can’t just turn up on site anymore. Being able to see things remotely matters even more when companies have projects across the country and internationally.

“We have customers in Ireland who have jobs in three or four different countries. We’re able to partner with a local camera installer and get those projects onto their account.”

Evercam is a client company of Enterprise Ireland, the state agency.

“We use all of their resources,” Quinn said.

“They were involved in our first funding round when we raised €500,000 and they have introduced us to incredibly helpful people in the new markets we’ve gone into.”

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