Sunny south-east offers holiday home opportunities for developers

Le Havre’s three delightful properties on 2.5 acres, next to the beach at Roney Point in Co Wexford, offer tempting potential to would-be investors

Nos 2 and 3 Le Havre in Askingarran, Co Wexford are only 500 metres from the beach at Roney Point. The twin units are separated by an artist’s studio.

The sunny beaches of Normandy may be out of reach for many this summer, but a cracking holiday hideaway opportunity entitled Le Havre in Co Wexford might be the silver lining to the Covid-19 cloud for canny investors.

The property in question comprises three detached residences, an artist’s studio and a tennis court within a 2.5-acre estate in Roney Point, a well-established holiday location in Askingarran, some 3km south of Courtown village and harbour. The ...