Splendid home close to the coast at Clontarf on the market for €1.695m

6 St Lawrence Road in Dublin 3 underwent an extensive renovation in 2013, and the end result is a delight to behold

Located a short stroll from the seafront promenade, St Lawrence Road in Clontarf is within striking distance of a great selection of excellent schools, restaurants, cafés, boutiques and shops

St Lawrence is the patron saint of many, among them the indigent, the diligent, glaziers and librarians, miners and viticulturists and (in reference to the alleged manner of his execution by roasting) to comedians, cooks and chefs.

Death by torture is no laughing matter, yet legend has it that on August 10, 258, having suffered great pain on the sizzling gridiron on which he was placed at the instructions of the prefect of Rome, Lawrence, ...