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Space is the place as Huckletree goes from strength to strength

The co-working space provider, led by Andrew Lynch, got off to a shaky start but now has seven British sites to add to its Irish hub on Pearse Street in Dublin

Andrew Lynch, co-founder of Huckletree, told the Business Post his company was punching above its weight. ‘As a respective small player, our bark in Dublin is much louder than our bite compared to some of the other co-working space providers,’ he said. Picture: Fergal Phillips

If failure is success in progress, Andrew Lynch, co-founder and chief operating office of co-working space provider Huckletree, was an early adopter. His first attempt at the co-working concept “failed miserably” but learning from the mistakes gifted him the tools needed to go at it again and watch the business take off swiftly.

Eight years later, Huckletree, which Lynch co-founded with business partner Gabriela Hersham in London, has seven sites across London and Manchester and ...