Object of Desire: The Gumpert Apollo

The supercar is on offer at Sotheby’s later this month

As claims go, in 2008 Roland Gumpert’s took the biscuit. He knew the power that could be unleashed from the twin-turbocharged engine powering the Audi RS4 sedan, if only it was sitting in the middle of a lightweight supercar. His resulting design was the Gumpert Apollo which he claimed generated sufficient downforce to drive upside-down, in theory at least.

Finding volunteers to test that theory proved easier than finding a tunnel long enough to travel at the necessary 200mph speed to generate 1,500kg of downforce, so the Apollo’s biggest boast remains untested. Bid for this recently restored model presented in ready-to-race condition at RM Sotheby’s eighth annual Paris Auction, February 13, estimate €220,000-€260,000; see sothebys.com.