Fine Arts: Teskey seizes the imagination with a stunning seascape

Rocks, shadows and sea are the inspiration for a large-scale Teskey artwork on sale at Morgan O’Driscoll’s latest online auction

Surge, by Donald Teskey €15,000-€25,000) Picture: Phil Pound AIPPVA

When Donald Teskey began painting, what attracted him was the land, in his own words “the rocks, the shadows – the way nature makes paintings all of its own”, but the ocean proved to be an even more powerful muse and the result is his series of outstanding, large-scale seascapes. A headline lot at Morgan O’Driscoll’s sale this week is Surge, painted in 2020, 70x80cm (€15,000-€25,000).

A painting can calm, comfort, exhilarate and inspire. It ...