Fine Arts: Have yourselves a very shiny Christmas at O’Reilly’s

The auction house’s upcoming Fine Jewellery sale is a treasure trove of exquisite trinkets

Diamond set, wide cuff bracelet of honeycomb design, which will feature in O’Reilly Auction Rooms’ upcoming Fine Jewellery sale

Some 7,000 years ago, Greek soldiers wore metal cuffs for protection, but goldsmiths were quick to spot their potential as highly decorative bracelets for women intent on making a bold statement.

Push out the boat this Christmas with an O’Reilly’s headline lot, a mid-20th century, diamond set, wide cuff bracelet of honeycomb design, weight of diamonds 15.00ct (€20,000-€22,000). More affordable is an Italian, 18ct gold woven example (€5,000-€6,000).

Seahorse brooch with diamonds and emeralds mounted ...