Fine Arts: Feel-good buddies take the lead at Morgan O’Driscoll sale

The late Keith Haring’s bright, energetic piece is one of the international headliners at a sale dominated by Irish greats

Best Buddies, by Keith Haring, which is expected to fetch €50,000-€70,000 at Morgan O’Driscoll’s sale this month. Picture: Phil Pound AIPPVA

It has taken millennia for art to remember its roots. The funniest drawing I’ve ever seen was a prehistoric cave painting in the Namib Desert. I laughed out loud. I thought of it the first time I saw a work by Keith Haring. The appeal of both lies in their aura of innocence. As Haring once said, “Children know something that most people have forgotten.”

It was his 1980s chalk outline drawings in the New ...