Fine Arts: Exceedingly cool for cats at Morgan O’Driscoll’s sale

Two Graham Knuttel portraits of our feline friends are up for grabs at the auction, for which bidding ends on May 3

Graham Knuttel’s cats are a familiar sight on the Irish arts scene, and two of them are up for grabs at Morgan O’Driscoll’s Off the Wall sale this week

I’m not sure how Lagerfeld’s darling Choupette would react to Graham Knuttel’s feline friends. She couldn’t deny their celebrity. Can you think of any other cats that are instantly recognisable everywhere from Ballsbridge to Beverly Hills?

The first of Knuttel’s cats appeared in 1978 when he paid homage to his beloved pet, Fanta. Since then, scores of them have waltzed off his canvases to spread laughter and joy in the homes of art lovers. His ...