Diarmuid Gavin offers families a walk on the wild side

The celebrity gardener is teaming up with Innocent to help people become more wilderness-literate and allow space in gardens for native wildflowers and trees, a lifeline for our hungry pollinators

Garden expert Diarmuid Gavin at the launch of Innocent Drinks’ rewilding movement at Phoenix Park in Dublin. Picture: Andres Poveda

With midsummer just gone, the season’s flora is in full bloom with large swathes of public areas awash with a colourful spectacle of bee-friendly wildflower meadows and verges.

Rewilding, the active encouragement of biodiverse and sustainable habitats, is in full swing, with large-scale buy-in from county councils and avid gardeners throughout the country keen to do their part to encourage native plant diversity and the return of dwindling wildlife like pollinating bees and butterflies.

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