The Profile: Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader

Alexei Navalny has for years been a thorn in the side of Vladimir Putin, but last September the Kremlin finally decided to take him out by poisoning him with the nerve agent Novichok. Navalny survived the attempt but, now back in Russia, he is in jail facing trial on February 3

Alexei Navalny’s suspected poisoning last August marked a shift in the Kremlin’s approach to the opposition leader, from political opponent to enemy.

In brief:

Name and role: Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician and leader of the Russia of the Future Party

Age: 44

Appearance: Tall, blonde and handsome

Newsworthiness: He has put his life on the line by organising demonstrations and running for office to advocate reforms against corruption in Russia, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Putin's government.

In depth:

On a cold evening last December, a lone gentleman stood outside Lubyanka, the fabled headquarters of ...