Profile: Paul Elliot Singer, hedge fund owner

The investor, who is looking at acquiring Aryzta, runs Elliot Management, a hedge fund that has been the described by the founder of a company it took over as ‘like the Death Eaters, sucking the life and hope out of the place’

Paul Singer‘s support for marriage equality doesn’t seem to have affected his conservatism in any other area

In brief:

Name: Paul Elliott Singer

Age: 76

Appearance: tailored suit and a trim white beard

Newsworthiness: his hedge fund, Elliott Management, is circling around Aryzta

In depth:

“It was a surreal and miserable time,”Jonathan Bush recalls over a Zoom from Boston.

The nephew of America’s 41st president and the cousin of its 43rd, Bush was a founder of AthenaHealth, and its chief executive until 2017.

He founded the company in his basement and had ...