This Working Life: ‘We trust our people to make the right choices’

Niamh Geraghty always knew she wanted to become a chartered accountant. Now, as a partner with Deloitte, she relishes shaping and executing the firm’s talent strategy

Niamh Geraghty, partner at Deloitte Ireland: ‘It is incredibly fulfilling to be involved in shaping how the future of our business will look.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Niamh Geraghty is a partner in the financial services audit and people and purpose sections of Deloitte Ireland.

I work in the financial services sector across a number of industries, from investment management to structured finance and banking. My clients are based in Ireland, Europe and the US. I really enjoy the international aspect of my work and have always appreciated the diversity of thought that comes from cross-cultural collaboration.

Working in professional services is ...