This Working Life: ‘It’s vital to be fully committed to the success of the organisation you work for. And demonstrably so’ – Paul O’Donnell, chief executive of HRM Search Partners

Recruitment is a perfect career path for people who are innately curious and who want to understand what motivates both employers and candidates, says Paul O’Donnell of HRM Search Partners

Paul O’Donnell, chief executive of HRM Search Partners: ‘The recruitment industry suits people who are genuinely interested in creating a positive impact on other people’s lives.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Paul O’Donnell is the chief executive of HRM Search Partners, the recruitment agency. He is a graduate of UCD with a BA in Psychology and an MBS in management. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the search and selection industry in HRM Search Partners and as a former director of Hays, the recruitment agency.

When I began studying psychology, I thought that I would embark on a career in psychotherapy. However, the more ...